How’s your experience with

Yes, Absolutely Magnificent! Shipping was discreet and fairly quick with the package arriving after just over 3 weeks. The quality of the doll is amazing, it’s so life-like and you’re going to have an absolute blast with it. I like it enough to sleep with it, which is probably doll taboo but hey, she feels comfy. For future buyers: please make sure you take into account the weight of your doll. Make sure you buy a doll that is suited to you and your likes plus body type. Enjoy fellas and gals.

How’s your experience with

Yes, great communication, fast shipment, excellent product quality, top notch. Will recommend. Every time I’ve had to reach out to the seller, they have always been extremely nice and helpful, and are always quick to reply. They genuinely seem to care about your experience and want to make sure that everything is right. They were great through the whole shipping process, as well as answering all my questions the months following. The product was perfect, just the right size and the right price for the sheer size of it! Thanks.

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How’s your experience with

Yes, this site has been the best experience, I highly recommend purchasing from them and I definitely will do so in the future. Lifelike, Cheap, A Lot Of Choice, And Great Service! Before sending the doll, they sent photos of the doll to make sure if the doll they had custom made for me was really what I wanted. They also checked several times if there was anything I needed and responded fast on my responses. I am very satisfied with the doll, the price and the customer friendliness!

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